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Nexus Support is committed to providing support and services that enable people with learning disabilities to live as independently as possible and participate in, and contribute to, the valued life of the community.

Nexus Support aims to do this by:

  • Providing support and assistance that enables a person to live a life meaningful to them and a lifestyle relevant to their everyday needs and preferences
  • Facilitating opportunities for people to learn the skills important to them now and in the future
  • Supporting people to develop and sustain choice and control in their lives and exercise their rights as citizens
  • Facilitating access to a combination of specialist and everyday community resources and opportunities

Nexus provides support and assistance in a range of ways such as:

  • Supporting people 24 hours a day, seven days a week from their own homes
  • Supporting people to enjoy short breaks and holidays
  • Supporting people several hours a day to access preferred activities
  • Supporting individuals for short periods of the day to undertake specific practical tasks or for support in personal care and health related tasks where appropriate
  • Supporting people to think about and plan what they want to do now and in the future including developing support plans
  • Supporting people to manage and administer their finances and personal budget(s)

Nexus aims to ensure that it will:

  • Provide a holistic person centred approach to support planning, service design and delivery
  • Provide bespoke, transparent and flexible support services
  • Involve individuals, their families and representatives in all aspects of service design, development and delivery including recruitment and staff development
  • Maintain a commitment to working in partnership with disabled people, their families and/or people important to them alongside a range of services and professionals
  • Ensure that staff supporting people are trained to a high standard and are provided with the support and tools required to deliver high quality services for individuals