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Job Description: Personal Assistant

Job Title: Community & Learning Support – Personal Assistant

Responsible To: Directors of Nexus Support

Responsible For: Supporting people with a learning disability and complex needs to live a life meaningful to them, and to provide opportunities to grow, develop new skills and explore and enjoy new and established interests and experiences

Summary of role:

To contribute to the delivery of a quality service that meets the needs and respects the aspirations of individuals

To support individuals in all aspects of their lives such as recreation, education, in the community, towards training and employment, short breaks, holidays and independent living

Key responsibilities:

Supporting people to live their lives

  • Provide opportunities for people to engage in a range of activities in areas such as; leisure/recreation, practical tasks, education, employment ,personal skill development, Health & Beauty and any preferred activities that individuals may wish to participate in within community settings and within their own homes
  • Support individuals on a one to one basis in a range of community settings unless otherwise agreed
  • Support people to go on short breaks and holidays and provide respite support for families by supporting people overnight in their own homes when their parents/carers are away
  • Contribute to the development of person centred and bespoke living and learning plans for people that focus on the achievement of personal outcomes involving people and their representatives in this process as much as feasible
  • Facilitate opportunities and enable people to explore their interests and preferences though person centred planning and support
  • Promote the development and maintenance of new skills that are meaningful in the context of the person's life
  • Be involved in the development and review of detailed written guidelines for supporting people in a range of recreational, practical and learning activities and tasks
  • Enable people to develop their ability to make informed choices by providing them with regular opportunities to explore a range of new experiences
  • Ensure that people are communicated with in a way meaningful to them and that, where necessary, appropriate resources are provided to ensure that people have the best opportunity to communicate effectively and understand the world around them
  • Ensure that the personal values, wishes and aspirations of people are respected and that people are supported in maintaining dignity and respect in all areas of their lives
  • Support people, who may engage in behaviours that challenge, to learn more adaptive ways of expressing their needs and controlling their environment and to ensure that the physical, social and sensory environment is adapted to meet the needs of individuals wherever possible
  • Support people to maintain and develop sustainable relationships and friendships in as many areas of their life as feasible
  • Support people to access appropriate health and social care services and any other specialist services required to meet people's needs
  • Support people to manage and administer their finances including personal budget(s) where required
  • Support people to manage and administer their medication as required
  • Support people in all aspects of their personal care
  • To ensure that the safety and welfare of people is paramount and promoted in all areas of practice

Maintaining effective communication and record keeping

  • Ensure that any significant events and issues of concern are reported promptly to the appropriate line manager
  • Maintain accurate and up to date paperwork linked to both everyday activities and events, and use agreed recording formats to evidence the achievement of key outcomes highlighted in Individual Learning and living Plans/Support Plans
  • Ensure that records relating to behavioural support, monitoring and intervention are maintained and that changes in individuals behaviour and/or patterns of behaviour are communicated to the appropriate line manager
  • Work in partnership with other professionals involved in a person's life and promote participation by people in as many areas of their own planning and review process as possible
  • Attend regular support and supervision meetings with line managers
  • Ensure that any specific training needs that arise as part of your developing role are communicated to the appropriate line manager
  • Ensure confidentiality is maintained with regards to individuals, records, staff and the organisation

Working as part of a team

  • Work co-operatively as part of a team and ensure that a positive working culture is maintained throughout the organisation
  • Maintain effective communication between yourself and other members of your team, ensuring that colleagues are kept up to date of any issues relating to the service and the people the team supports
  • Attend team meetings and participate positively in discussions
  • Attend both internal and external training events, participating positively in discussions and exercises

Maintaining high quality services

  • To attend annual appraisal meetings with an appropriate line manager and to contribute positively to the process, discussing experiences, challenges and aspects of your role that may require further training and development
  • Contribute positively to the ongoing development of Nexus Support and the support and services it provides
  • Ensure that support is delivered with careful consideration towards both physical and social risk, maintaining an awareness of recognised risks and ensuring that relevant people are aware of the risks associated with people and the activities and places they access
  • Contribute to the development and maintenance of detailed risk assessments and any administrative tasks relating to the delivery of safe and high quality services
  • Maintain and awareness of and ensure compliance with Health and Safety act Regulations, General Social Care Council Codes of Practice, the National minimum standards and the policies and procedures of Nexus Support

Equal Opportunities and Anti-Discriminatory Practice

  • Maintain and demonstrate a commitment to equal opportunities and diversity
  • Maintain and demonstrate a commitment to anti-discriminatory practice
  • Maintain and demonstrate a commitment to inclusion, empowerment and citizenship for people with learning disabilities and complex needs

General duties and conduct

  • Work in a flexible manner, working as part of a rota of supported activities, including supporting people and attending meetings or training events during unsociable hours and weekends
  • Be available to cover the absence of colleagues when required, sometimes at short notice
  • Be prepared to use your own vehicle to transport people when accessing the community on a daily basis
  • Maintain a high level of professional and courteous conduct at all times when undertaking your duties
  • Undertake any other duties consistent with the post as required by the line manager and the organisation

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